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Our signature Degani coffee blend is a combination of Brazilian, Colombian and African beans designed to provide a rich texture, working tastefully as a milk coffee or black. It’s a medium dark roast, using only 100% AA certified Arabica beans. The coffee is rich, full flavoured and smooth tasting; this is backed up by the silver medal we won in the Golden Bean Awards in 2015 and 2018! It has tasting notes of dark chocolate, caramel and currants with lingering citrus after tones. The secret ingredient is added at your local Degani. It’s your baristas knowledge of how you like your coffee, how to adjust the grind to achieve the perfect pour as the weather changes by the hour (or every five minutes in Melbourne!), how to make the steam quietly sing that sweet song that tells us our coffee is on the way. As Degani CEO, Darren Lane says, “Words can’t do the taste and satisfaction of a beautiful Degani coffee justice… so go grab a Degani coffee and drink it!”



We list our current jobs on Seek. If you would like to apply for jobs not advertised please contact your Local Degani.



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