Spooky Snacks

Our kids all love Halloween, here are some quick ideas that are for maximum fun but minimum effort.

Bubbling Broth - the classic fanta spider is a winner with the creamy icecream bubbling over the edge. Try creaming soda for blood or lime for slime!

Boo babycino - blend up some lime cordial, ice cream and milk to make mini frappe with wipped cream and goblin-y green sprinkles.

Freaky Frankeron - Grab some of Degani's green and orange macarons and all you need is an edible texta and some candy eyes from the supermarket to make this creapy creature.

Mini Jack-o-lanterns - The trick or treaters will reach for fruit rather than lollies with these cute little mandarins disguised as pumpkins.

Spider Slider - Use charcoal or rye bunrolls for a mini burger, add some candy eyes and some sweet potato fires for legs and you'll have some creepy little friends at the dinner table! 




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